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There is a widespread belief that online dating and dating in general (let’s be honest) are for young or middle-aged people only. Modern media and social networks are obsessed with youth to such an extent that the very thought of getting older becomes scary. What’s wrong about this practice?

The points you should know about senior dating

All people need a companion regardless of their age

No matter how generalized this phrase may sound, the truth is that humans are social beings who need meaningful contact with others to feel happy. Right now we are talking about the majority of mentally healthy people, not some sociopaths or people with mental deviations hating everything and everyone around.

While loneliness may do us good if it doesn’t last too long (for example, it may help us to heal a broken heart or make an important decision), in general, nobody likes being lonely. People claiming «I like being alone because I don’t need to take responsibility for others» or «Being lonely lets me do everything I want» just aren’t mature enough and don’t know what a genuine relationship is about.

This isn’t the case with senior people. Having lived with their significant other for a long period of time and lost them, (either because of a divorce or some tragic event) these people don’t want to suffer from loneliness as time goes by.

We at SofiaDate genuinely believe that regardless of how old we are, 30 or 60, our innate need for love, attention, and communication remains the same.

For older adults, age isn’t as decisive as for young people

People over 55 looking for a potential life companion aren’t as rigid as their younger counterparts. The point is that once we are into our wisdom years, we become more flexible and start realizing how age really works. At this mature stage of their lives, seniors realize that numbers don’t matter.

The things that really matter are the way you feel and how you decide to spend this wonderful period of your life (naturally, if your age allows it).

Indeed, there is even a notion of «Balzac age», bet you’ve heard about it. In general, it is applied to women implying that they are at the peak of their development and opportunities. At this age, a woman’s children (if she has any) are already grown-up, so that now she finally has time to live for herself and do the things she’s always lacked time for.  

Thus, while looking for a potential partner, senior adults don’t consider age an obstacle. Moreover, nowadays, many men prefer dating an older woman considering this a privilege rather than a shame. The point is that mature women are sophisticated, wise, and experienced, which makes them simply irresistible.

SofiaDate is the ideal dating environment to meet senior single women and make sure they do exist!

Most importantly, younger men are looking for the feeling of stability and security mature women can give them. With these needs in mind, our Team offers you a unique possibility to find a mature senior woman just according to your preferences.   

Older adults aren’t always looking for love and getting married

This feature of senior dating seems rather reasonable taking into consideration the fact that a predominant part of older people has already been married. Some don’t want to betray a sacred memory about their sweetheart, others merely have other goals.

What may seniors be looking for? Talking about companionship, a lot of older adults seek multiple partners based on their versatile social needs. For example, they may need a companion for hiking, traveling, dinner-dates, or a person they may plant something with. Not to mention that we also need somebody to have a warm friendly talk with.

All in all, seniors are versatile individuals with different needs and goals. For this sake, our SofiaDate Team has created specialized filters to help older people find the best matches according to their preferences.

If you want to find a partner to spend the rest of your life with, our convenient and senior-friendly search tools will also facilitate this task.

Seniors have more options not being focused on appearance

Unlike young people who view attractive appearance as one of the crucial factors while choosing a match, older adults are aware of the fact that the state of being «hot» is rather a state of one’s mind and soul rather than a matter of appearance.

On SofiaDate, you can meet a lot of mature women looking simply stunning since they realize their self-worth and continue enjoying every minute of their life despite their age.

Besides, the majority of our senior female members care about themselves just like younger ladies do. They wear nice clothes, lead an active way of life, travel, never forget to smile, and are always grateful for the things they already have. That’s why the fire in their eyes definitely takes men’s breath away the very moment they see their pictures.    

Why is senior online dating so amazingly widespread?

With the number of divorces among people aged 50+ increasing, senior dating services are becoming more popular. After retirement, more and more people choose to continue an active lifestyle since they are healthy, fit, and as a result, feel at least 10 years younger their real age.

Thus, seniors are looking for a worthy partner to share their fascinating life with.

The next reason why senior dating websites are popular is that they let older people enlarge their senior dating circle. The point is that seniors may find the process of meeting new people quite difficult since they can be introduced to a limited number of acquaintances or friends. Besides, there aren’t so many suitable places to meet a fellow senior, are there?

That’s why senior online dating is very beneficial in this case. SofiaDate offers you a variety of choices so that you could meet a member you like and share your favorite activities with them! What is more, if you have an online profile, it doesn’t mean that you should stop looking for a companion within your circle in real life. 

Just imagine that becoming a participant of senior dating sites, you will have several times more possibilities to meet your significant other not leaving your home!  

Also, we should bear in mind that online dating gives us a wonderful opportunity to get to know a person before deciding whether to meet them in real life or not. This aspect is especially acute for seniors since their family members (e.g., children) may at first dislike the very idea of you meeting a person they know nothing about.

Yet, provided that you communicate with a new acquaintance for a while, they will calm down finding out that you trust that person.

Senior dating tips: How do you successfully date online?

Wondering how to engage in senior singles dating on a reputable platform like ours? Make use of the following pieces of advice and you’ll have no other choice but to succeed!

  • Believe in yourself. Undoubtedly, you should have a positive attitude even if it’s your first experience of using senior dating services. Registration on SofiaDate isn’t time-consuming at all and doesn’t require any special skills.

So, just put aside typical senior fears like you are too old or incapable of using the Internet to find a suitable match. You only need to mention your preferences, and our effortless search and matching service will deliver the most compatible profiles for you.

  • Your profile should be interesting. Though this point seems obvious, many people (even young ones) tend to disregard it. Choose a good photo you look real at to avoid any misunderstandings when it comes to a personal meeting. Fill in your profile only with true information and avoid lies or exaggerations. Be specific, objective, and sincere.
  • Don’t be afraid to make others feel that you are proud of yourself. Why is it so important? Because you have to stand out from the crowd of people also looking for a match. Don’t even think about choosing a profile picture where you look considerably younger or lying about your real age.

On the one hand, it will mislead your potential partner, and nobody likes being lied to; on the other hand, it will prove your self-esteem is low. You just need to realize that your worth isn’t measured by your age or appearance. It’s the matter of your lifestyle, world outlook, and the way you treat others.

  • Honesty is the best policy. Here we are talking about realizing and expressing your true intentions. Do you need a life-long partner to settle down with after an unusual wedding ceremony or are you looking just for a travel buddy? Decide for yourself who you want to meet and share your intentions with a potential match.
  • Perseverance is your best weapon. Just like in real life, you can get disappointed with some people you’ve met online as you communicate with them for a while.  However, that’s not a reason for giving up and deciding that senior online dating is not for you. Just move on because there are so many fascinating people waiting for you.

 How to impress mature daters: senior dating advice

Imagine you’ve found your perfect senior single (and we are sure you definitely will do it on our platform!). Your communication flows perfectly and you both decide to meet. What activities should you engage in to make your dates unforgettable? Check out the following variants.

Suppose you both are passionate about culture

Why not diversify your routine and take a dance, art, or cooking class? You may also choose something more special and unexpected based on your sweetheart’s preferences. The thing you should remember that common activities are a great option to bring people closer. Doing something together, you get more intimate without feeling uncomfortable.

Another variant is a visit to a cultural institution you both have never been to before. Be it a cathedral, art gallery, or a museum, discuss such an option with your partner to find out what they really think about this idea. This way you can learn more about your match’s preferences.

Besides, another advantage is that after such a visit, you can always discuss what you’ve seen and heard over a glass of wine a cup of fragrant coffee. A nice way to see if you share the same values, isn’t it?

Don’t underestimate the power of a theatre play, but make sure it’s something not ordinary. Say, a redone version of a famous play, the first night, or a controversial piece your neighbors have been arguing about three nights in a row. A challenging experience, isn’t it? Be open to novelties and fiery discussions following them.

What if you are fond of hearty or exquisite meals/drinks?

«In vino veritas.» For sure, visiting a vineyard and tasting the best collection of wines is one of the most romantic and original ideas you may have thought about. Apart from the fact that this activity underlines your refined taste and the sense of romance, it will also make your partner feel that you really want to impress them with your creativity.

A picnic will always be a trendy way of getting closer in nature. For this, you’ll have to do some research to pick beautiful spots like a park (preferably with a lake or pond nearby) or botanical gardens. Don’t forget about the foods you both like the most, and off you go! To top it all, wait for sunset and share your most intimate thoughts holding each other’s hands.

Why not invite your closest friends?

When we become older, our values change so that we start appreciating time spent with the dearest people. So, it would be a nice idea to host a party to see how well you can cooperate in everyday life as a team working on the same goal.

Looking for something more romantic or even unusual?

Fly a hot air balloon. Provided that your partner isn’t afraid of height (which you’d better ask in advance), take a balloon flight together! Truly fascinating, intriguing, and deeply romantic, this activity will definitely enhance your intimacy and grant you dazzling unforgettable memories.

Mind going on a cruise? By this, we don’t mean that you have to rent a yacht to impress your date (though it may be a cool idea). There are other means of spending time on the water, for example in a boat. You may rent a boat and organize some meals and drinks aboard. Should you have enough time to enjoy the sunset — your partner will consider you the most romantic and tender person ever.

What about a spa night? Let yourself and your significant other immerse in a world of pleasure, relax, and absolute excitement. Today, there is a variety of spa procedures for romantic couples so that you can choose the one that appeals to you the most. Without a doubt, such a fresh experience will become one of your warmest common memories.              

Senior daters’ deepest fear: safety and security issues

We at SofiaDate do understand that older people pay a lot of attention to security questions, which is a reasonable concern. Yet, with us, you don’t have to worry. All activities in our highest quality communicating pool take place on a reliable, safe, and secure network that guarantees your privacy and safety. 

We use your personal contact information just for your registration with our platform. It implies that nobody will see your personal details in your public profile. Provided your passwords and login names are strictly confidential, your profile is perfectly safe with us.

All actions on a pay-basis are clearly defined, and your payments are absolutely safe with our platform, too. Furthermore, we guarantee 100% confidentiality, the site is not indexed by search engines, and all the data you enter are stored encrypted so that nobody can retrieve your details for any purposes.  

Make sure you don’t fall a victim to a phishing attack

The goal of a phishing attack is to steal your personal information or data such as passwords, credit card numbers, or other account details. Using similar to our content or names, online fraudsters may try to deceive you. To avoid this, please pay attention to the following points:

  • Do not open any links/attachments/images if you do not know the member well enough;
  • Always keep in mind that beneficial or hot offers, however appealing they may seem, are one of the beloved fraudsters’ methods to mislead you. That is why you would better ask our Support Team if such options are available at the time.
  • Never enter your personal/financial data into pop-up windows. Even if you are not redirected to another site, remember that sometimes, pop-up windows are displayed over trustworthy windows. Just close such windows clicking on the cross in the right upper corner.

To conclude, SofiaDate does everything possible to make senior online dating a safe enjoyable experience for you. Start looking for a perfect match right now. Good luck!