Dating tips on building a genuine relationship

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If you are single and desperately looking for finding the right person, know that you are not alone. With so many people inhabiting our planet, meeting your only one is still a problem due to various reasons. However, do not let despair conquer you and, what’s more important, don’t think that there is something wrong about you. The following tips on meeting your soulmate will help you to find a long-term love as well as engage in and preserve a healthy relationship.

Obstacles you may face on the way to love

First and foremost, you may fall victim to the belief that self-sufficient personalities don’t need a match to become happy. Well, though it may be true to some extent (since if you don’t love and appreciate yourself, no one will do that for you), humans are social creatures longing for emotional and physical bonding with each other. Of course, being single means you have more freedom, can do what and when you want and enjoy your life to the fullest, but in the long run, avoiding a worthwhile connection with others is about the fear of taking responsibility. And solitude often becomes a curse rather than blessing.

Secondly, our childhood patterns of family life largely predetermine the way we see a relationship as adults. For instance, your father might have been an abuser and never helped your mother with the household matters; fights, cries, and quarrels were commonplace in your childhood. Or vice versa, your mother betrayed your father, and now you think that all women are cunning and untrustworthy creatures.

Next, you may be unable or unwilling to leave your emotional baggage in the past. If your previous relationship hasn't been a success, you may be afraid to repeat the same mistakes again. Or you may have fear of a long-lasting relationship since you have had only short-term flings. Whatever your case, the point is that unless you resolve that painful issue, you won’t be able to start a healthy relationship. Thus, let’s see what it presupposes.

How do I know my loving union is healthy?

Debunking the most common stereotypes about dating

It is common knowledge that very often, myths get on our way to happiness. Thus, we are going to analyze the most widespread ones to help you realize that nothing should prevent you from finding an ever-lasting love.

Happiness depends on my relationship status

Though it sounds weird, one’s value as a personality is defined by their relationship status. If you have a partner, you are considered «normal,» otherwise you are labeled as «strange.» Due to this reason, many of us agree to be together with an unworthy partner just to fit in. Yet, this is definitely not the case when it’s better to be with any person than alone. Forcing yourself to such a bonding may devastate you completely. Thus, don’t enter a relationship if you don’t feel like doing it.

An immediate attraction defines a quality relationship

No way. How many times have we heard about a spark that arises between two souls? The key notion here is «souls,» not physical attraction to your match. Instant sexual attraction is good for a one-night-stand or short fling only, but it has nothing to do with a meaningful relationship. That’s why an important piece of advice is to give your partner several more chances if you haven’t had that immediate spark on the first date. Unlike animals, humans can control their sexual instincts, so let your emotions deepen in the course of time. Become friends first, and if you both really click, you will always have time to become lovers.

Men and women have different emotions

As a matter of fact, people feel the same things regardless of their sex. Human core emotions are anger, joy, fear, and happiness, and the only difference is how men and women express them. Once again, social conventions are the key factor predetermining our reactions to definite emotions. For instance, men are supposed not to cry and keep their feelings inside while women «are allowed» to reveal their emotions since they are a weaker sex.  

Now that you have a basic notion of a healthy relationship, let’s proceed with online dating tips since nowadays, virtual reality is one of the main destinations both for young and senior singletons all over the world. 

Online dating tips for men

If you have already met your beautiful lady in cyberspace and are looking for online dating tips for men, pay attention to the following guidelines. In the first place, you have to realize that your cyber love journey starts with creating an appealing online dating profile. This aspect is of primary importance because there are millions of online daters, which means that male competition is very high. So, how should you complete your dating profile to attract your special woman’s attention?

Online dating profile tips

Well, congrats! You’ve successfully completed your dating profile and the system has provided you with most suitable matches. How do you text your beauties?

Online dating messages tips

Though at first glance online messaging may seem a piece of cake, there are definite rules that will help you evoke and sustain your crush’s interest in communication with you.

Online dating safety tips

Of course, all the points mentioned above are practical and rather effective, but the notion of your online safety is not less important. First and foremost, choose a reliable dating environment. As you can guess, free dating sites or apps may be full of scam since nobody cares for your safety and privacy. Choosing reputable services like Myspecialdates, you choose dating in the atmosphere of the utmost comfort, safety, and privacy.

What do reliable dating platforms do to protect you against scam and fake profiles? All users’ identity is manually verified by moderators, and cyber society is being constantly monitored for any suspicious activities. If you notice something strange, report that to the Support Team. Then, never share your personal details in your public profile and don’t open links and files from unknown members. Not to become a victim of phishing attacks, never enter your personal data into pop-up windows.

Also, keep in mind that one of the most typical fraudsters’ methods is telling you various sad stories requiring your financial assistance of any kind. Even if these fairy tales concern your favorite women’s or her relatives’ health, always be reasonable and remain cool-headed. Think several times before deciding to send her a definite sum of money. This will spare you the possibility of being fooled.


As you see, dating is both a fascinating and challenging process. However, if you are aware of main dating tips on building a worthwhile relationship with your beloved person, you will definitely succeed. No matter how you are dating — either online or offline — always remain respectful of your partner and believe in yourself. Good luck!