Dating over 50 is more fun than you may think

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In modern society, there exists a stereotype that dating (especially online) is exclusively young people’s activity. Yet, this idea doesn’t seem to have a logical background since people of any age may be tired of loneliness. It may come as a surprise to you, but nowadays, online dating over 50 is quite widespread. Why is it so?

The popularity of online mature dating over 50

 Firstly, according to statistics, more and more 50+ people tend to divorce. Either they can’t endure each other’s attitude any longer or their children have grown up and they don’t need to preserve a family for the children’s sake only. Despite the reasons, seniors decide they want to move on.

Secondly, as opposed to a popular belief, life after retirement doesn’t end but only starts. Provided that a person is both mentally and physically fit, there are no obstacles preventing them from leading an active life which may be even more exciting than in one’s young years! Indeed, retirees have much more time now for their hobbies and things they’ve always wanted to try.

Age means nothing if you feel healthy, optimistic, and ready for adventures

Moreover, it should be born in mind that age isn’t about numbers but the state of our soul. Take for instance senior women at SofiaDate. Despite their age, our ladies look gorgeous because they are enjoying their lives and their passion for life knocks down every man that gets acquainted with them. That’s why dating 50+ women on our platform is an unforgettable amazing experience!

Imagine you are a 69-year-old active man looking for a match. Considering the fact that you have no walking problems and prefer constant movement to calm rest, you won’t probably be interested in a woman who is 59 but can’t walk long distances. You would rather choose an energetic woman aged 74, wouldn’t you?

As it follows from this example, age doesn’t matter. Your lifestyle and inner feelings really do. 

What makes mature women so appealing and breathtaking?

By the way, have you ever thought about the fact why women aged 50 and over are extremely popular even with younger men? Well, because mature ladies are wiser, calmer, more experienced, and very sophisticated. Life has taught them how to behave in different situations and attract men in particular. 50+ women know what men need and are ready to give that to a worthy partner.

Another important aspect is stability and peace that come with maturity. Women over 50 aren’t likely to get mad if a man needs to spend some time alone or with his friends. They won’t hysterically cry if he cancels a date at the last moment; instead, they will calmly let him go. The point is that senior ladies know their self-worth and value their time more than young girls, so make sure you don’t play games with mature women.

Thus, it shouldn’t be unusual to see a 50-year-old woman dating a 30-year-old man. He simply wasn’t able to resist her spell since dating women over 50 is a breathtaking challenge!

Here are the most useful tips about online dating over 50

Creating a nice profile should be one of your priorities

It may sound very simple, but this point is highly significant since your online profile is the first thing a potential match notices. Remember that one’s first impression about you depends exactly on the image you create by your self-description. Thus, stick to the following points while creating an online profile:   

·         First and foremost, believe you can do it. With SofiaDate, online dating 50 and over has never been easier. Registration is pretty quick and requires almost no effort from your side. 

·         Choosing a nice photo, make sure it’s recent and that you look your age there. This will spare you troubles of not being recognized on the first date with your potential partner.

·         Be honest. Creating an interesting profile, mention only true and relevant information about your age, hobbies, preferences, etc. Keep in mind that engaging in a serious relationship is based on trust which excludes deception of any kind.

·         Avoid talking like a teen in your profile. Don’t pepper it with phrases you don’t use in your everyday speech or the ones you don’t understand. It will only make you seem ridiculous proving that you are ashamed of your real age and world outlook.

·         Be sincere about your goals. Who are you looking for? A life partner to spend cozy evenings at home by the fire with or a travel buddy boasting about an active lifestyle? The clearer you realize and define your goals, the better for you both.  

·         While working on your profile, it would be a great idea to have a friend to assess and approve of it. This way, you will be able to learn what impression your creation makes on others and change something if necessary. 

Look for reputable communicating platforms like ours

This issue is especially acute for online daters aged 50+ whose life goals and intentions are serious. Since our platform is focused on a more senior audience looking for serious relationships, SofiaDate ranks among the most successful dating sites for people over 50. Within our community, you can find either your perfect interlocutor or soulmate whose values coincide with yours.

Besides, with us, you can be sure about your privacy and safety. Should you keep your login names and passwords confidential, no third party may invade your profile. Likewise, all the data you provide us with are kept encrypted, which implies that nobody can access your details for dubious purposes. 

Don’t give up after you get disappointed about your match

Just like in real life, online dating may sometimes frustrate you. It’s quite normal because it isn’t that easy (yet possible) to find a life-long partner or a person you feel great with. You start communicating and learning specific things about each other. Then, as you get closer, you may find something about your online friend that is unacceptable to you.

At this point, it’s better to be straightforward both with yourself and your match. Discuss everything with them sincerely and who knows how it ends. Perhaps, you will change your opinion. If not, well, that’s why online dating is so beneficial. Move on to another interlocutor since there are a lot of people longing to communicate with you. Just be determined, perseverant, and optimistic!  

If you’ve been rejected, don’t take it personally

Just like you may dislike others, they shouldn’t necessarily like you. For this reason, it’s a psychologically harmful idea to take rejection personally. In the case of online dating, some people prefer simply to disappear without any proper explanation. They may stop answering your messages or even ignore you when you both are online.

Yet, don’t get offended and start thinking you’ve done something wrong. Most likely, such people are ashamed or don’t want to admit what’s really happening between you both. For example, they might have said «You remind me of my ex-wife/husband» or «I perceive you as a friend.» But they don’t have the nerve to do that. Let them go and keep moving. A person meant for you will always find you, bear that in mind.

For online 50+ dating, your goals should be clearly defined 

This rule is almost vital since if you don’t know exactly who you are looking for, you aren’t likely to succeed. If you are divorced or have recently broken up, you should analyze what happened between you and your partner so that you could avoid the same mistakes later.

Also, beware of looking for a partner with the same traits your ex had. In psychological terms, it’s called projection, which means that we project the traits of our ex beloved person on a new partner. Try to define several core qualities your new partner should possess for you to be able to engage in a healthy meaningful relationship with them. 

Last but not least, make sure you aren’t looking for the same thing in your 50s you were searching for in your 20s. For instance, many young boys want their girlfriends to be sexy and «hot.» While men over 50 are typically looking for stability and coziness in life.

Leave your comfort zone and try something new

Dating over 50 becomes even more enjoyable if you dare have some fresh experience. Perhaps you have a particular type you’ve always dated, but why not broaden your circle? Online dating gives you a perfect possibility to meet a lot of versatile people at the same time, communicate with them, get to know them better, and see if you are compatible.

Dating at 50: Red flags to pay attention to

Don’t let your past hinder you on the way to happiness

Undoubtedly, we all are humans with flaws, insecurities, and things about the past we cannot change. Here belong health aspects, relationships with children, or painful experiences with our ex-partners. Yet, you deserve to be happy; so, leave your past behind and love yourself as you are.

Thoughts like «I am divorced and have three kids, not the best match» are very unproductive and simply useless. Stealing your energy, weird assumptions of this kind prevent you from realizing that we all have the past that doesn’t exclude the possibility of a happy future.

On the contrary, you shouldn’t underestimate your accomplishments because exactly these things made you the person you are right now. Moreover, don’t be ashamed to show that you are passionate about some things in your life! A worthy partner will definitely appreciate your sincerity.  

Never settle for less than you deserve

Some people dating over 50 may suffer from the inferiority complex because of their age. Having lost belief in themselves after a break-up or divorce, they are ready to accept any kind of attitude and relationship just not to feel lonely or miserable. This is a destructive practice since we can’t be happy and mentally healthy in a relationship in which we don’t feel appreciated and our true needs aren’t satisfied.

A way out? You should realize that age doesn’t define your self-worth. There is no need to speed up the process of finding a partner because of the fear of being alone for a while. Besides, keep in mind that before engaging in a new relationship, you should emotionally recover from a previous one. This is the only way not to use your new partner as a temporary means to alleviate your grief or pain.    

If you feel being played with, just quit the game

It is a common practice with boys in their 20s to start falling for a girl if she pretends to be in ice queen. Young boys would imagine horrible stories of how they could fight all the dragons just to win their princesses' hearts. Yet, in the majority of cases, we are talking about manipulations such girls use to attract boys’ attention.

In our wisdom years, however, such games are unacceptable. If a mature woman promises to contact you at a definite time but she doesn’t, quit the game. For sure, there may be some unpredictable conditions, but if such irresponsible behavior is a rule rather than an exception, it’s not worth your time. You’d better focus on a more open-hearted and accessible lady.

Consider your potential match’s life in general